It's UV Awareness Month!

No one loves the summer sun more than my daughter, Isabella, and I.  We spend our days swimming at the pool, going to the beach, and attending the city fair.  It’s also the perfect tijme to highli...
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Strabismus and your children's eyes

What is strabismus? Strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes. It can be either acquired or congenital. There are many different types of strabismus. Strabismus is classified by the direction of the...
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Myopia Prevention

What is Myopia Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is one of the most common vision problems seen in children. Kids with this condition can usually see things close up, but struggle to see thing...
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A Spook- tacular GlamBaby basket

GlamBaby recently got tagged by a customer featuring an adorable Halloween basket she had made for her daughter.  Inside were fun, seasonal goodies, including a pair of GlamBaby shades!  I thought ...
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Child Safety Month

September is Baby and Child Safety Month and to close it out, I wanted to bring awareness to an important topic that we don’t always think about: laundry safety.  All too many times I have seen par...
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UV safety awareness with Dermy_Doctor

What is UV light: UV stands for ultraviolet When talking about UV light, the largest source comes from the sun. The sun emits these UV rays that we can’t necessarily see, but that have a huge imp...
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