Cataract prevention with GlamBaby

Cataracts are common and a lot of people have heard of it, but not everyone understands exactly what a cataract is and how to help slow the formation of them. A cataract, in simple terms, is a clouding of the middle of the eye, or the ocular lens.  When the clouding occurs, it can affect how we see.  The greater the clouding, the more fuzzy the vision will become. 


These images show how a cataract can possibly affect one's vision

In rare occasions a child can be born with a cataract, called a congenital cataract.  Luckily, your baby’s eyes will be routinely examined within 72 hours of being born and then again at 6-8 weeks of age at the Pediatrician.  At the age of 6 months, your child should have a comprehensive eye exam by an Eye Care Professional to assess the eyes more in depth.  It’s best to catch the cataracts early to prevent any negative impact on your child’s visual development and if one is found, surgery is done in most cases to remove the cataract.


As we age, everyone will eventually get some degree of a cataract, however, studies have shown that UV exposure can create not only early cataracts, but more dense ones, resulting in poor vision.  The ocular lens is made of mostly water and protein. Over time with exposure to factors such as UV radiation, the protein clumps together and starts to cloud areas of the lens. Wearing lenses with 100% UV protection can help slow the progression of cataracts by giving less exposure of these harmful rays to your GlamBaby.  The sunglasses act as a barrier between the UV rays and the eye. So when you’re out an about with your little one, make sure they are protecting their eyes. Being healthy never looked so cool!

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