The GlamBaby Story

GlamBaby's Mission: (a message from founder, Dr. Arian Fartash)

During my Optometric clinical examinations, too often I found patients to have eye diseases that could have been easily prevented from healthy eye habits. Growing up, these patients didn’t have the proper knowledge or trusted products to protect their eyes and vision. I created GlamBaby in 2018, while 9 months pregnant with my daughter, Isabella, to help protect and prevent eye problems in children of all ages. My hope is by providing educational eye-health information and trusted products that our younger generations will keep their eyes healthy and protected for years to come and not grow up to become adults with eye problems.

Meet Dr. Arian Fartash:

Dr. Arian Fartash, award-winning clinical Optometrist, has travelled the world lecturing about eye health and prevention of disease. In addition, she has written many articles in national publications and you may have even caught her on a few television segments talking all about why it’s important to protect the eyes. But if you ask her, her most prized role is being a Mom to her daughter, Isabella.

Being a Mother, Dr. Fartash, strives her best to provide the best products and information available to always keep her daughter, and now, other children around the world safe and healthy. Dr. Fartash has stepped back from seeing patients in her private practice to focus more on her passion, GlamBaby, and being more present with her daughter at home. She continues to create products and fun, educational ways to promote healthy eyes from the GlamBaby headquarters, aka her home office. Stay tuned for more from our Boss Mom.

Why Blue Light Protection?

I started seeing an increase in patients coming in with digital device related eye problems, the common factor was they were all children. It’s inevitable, children are using digital devices. Research shows that the the high frequency blue-light from digital devices can lead to sleep and eye problems, like eye strain and redness. In addition, there are currently studies being conducted to link blue light and irreversible retinal damage. GlamBaby's blue-light protect glasses were created so your little ones can grow with technology safely.