3 reasons your child needs swim 💦 goggles

It’s very crucial that we strive to take care of our eyes from an early age and that includes during water activities. Goggles help swimmers see clearly underwater, minimize glare, increase comfor...
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Prevent winter dry eyes in your kids

In the Winter, many of my adult and youth patients complain about dry eyes.  In the colder months, there are a few circumstances that make the eyes produce less tears or lower quality tears.  Below...
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Elevate your Valentine's Day present ❤️

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun and I have created a fun and unique way to gift the GlamBaby in your life with their protective eyewear. Below you will find a FREE printout that you can ...
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GlamBaby Valentine's Day Basket

Growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t just about Mom and Dad going out for the night, it was a celebration of love for the whole family.  To continue that tradition for my own little family, we decora...
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