Sports eye safety in Kids

There are over 30,000 sports related eye-injuries occurring in the United States every year. Of those, 13,500 of them cause vision loss in people. Almost every sport carries some risk of injury, ho...
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What's in a Back-to-school backpack??

Is it just me or is school starting earlier and earlier these days?? Today, my daughter started Pre-Kindergarten and I may have shed a few tears as she walked into her classroom like a big girl. T...
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Toy VS GlamBaby real sunglasses for kids

A question I get a lot from my patients and GlamBaby customers is, “how do I know which kind of sunglasses are good for my child?”.  You may think all sunglasses are equal but that is not the case...
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3 reasons your child needs swim 💦 goggles

It’s very crucial that we strive to take care of our eyes from an early age and that includes during water activities. Goggles help swimmers see clearly underwater, minimize glare, increase comfor...
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Prevent winter dry eyes in your kids

In the Winter, many of my adult and youth patients complain about dry eyes.  In the colder months, there are a few circumstances that make the eyes produce less tears or lower quality tears.  Below...
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