Eye Growths and your Child

A few years ago at my office I had the pleasure of seeing a young girl for her yearly eye exam.  She was a first time patient and her vision was perfect so no need for prescription glasses, however...
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Blue light and your children's eyes

No matter how hard we try to limit screen time for our children, it seems inevitable that they end up using digital devices. Whether it be at school while learning, at home, in the car, or at resta...
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Cataract prevention with GlamBaby

Cataracts are common and a lot of people have heard of it, but not everyone understands exactly what a cataract is and how to help slow the formation of them. A cataract, in simple terms, is a clou...
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Baby’s first Eye Exam

    Parenting… between diaper changes, school drop- offs, nap schedules, and all the beautiful chaos in between, its hard to remember every doctor’s appointment needed before the age of one. Not m...
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Back to School with GlamBaby™

Back to School time is such an exciting and busy time of the year. We all want our little ones to go to school prepared and ready to tackle the new school year. The back- to- school checklist inclu...
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UV Radiation Facts

Below are some important UV radiation facts Dr. Arian Fartash thinks is important to be aware of, regardless of your age. 80% of UV exposure is before the age of 18 Children receive 3x the amount ...
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