Halloween safety for the eyes and Halloween outfits with GlamBaby

A Boo- tastic Halloween with GlamBaby™

A Boo- tastic Halloween with GlamBaby™

The nights are getting longer, the weather a bit cooler, all signs that Halloween is just around the corner. Below we have included some fun costume ideas featuring GlamBaby™ as well as some ways to make sure your GlamBaby has a safe, and spooky season.

Halloween Costume + GlamBaby

Your GlamBaby costume isn’t complete without a pair of GlamBaby sunglasses.  Check out our fun costume ideas!  

Create the purrrfect cat look with the Aliyah frame.

The purrrfect cat costume featuring the Aliyah frame

Beam me up, Scotty! An out of this world look in the Georgio frame.

A rawrrrr of a good time wearing unreleased Darian frames 

A witchful affair in the Aliyah style

Ready, set, score with the Cyrus frame


Eye Makeup Safety

Unfortunately, many Halloween Makeup Kits have been found to have skin allergens like cobalt, nickel, and even lead!  Not only can these harmful chemicals cause rashes and allergies, but they can also get into the eye, harming the exposed layers. Here is a non-toxic makeup set that will keep your GlamBaby safe this Halloween.


Vision and Darkness            

When walking around on Halloween night, make sure to get your GlamBaby some glow-sticks, flashlight, or lighted necklace to help them see their surroundings as well as to be seen by drivers.  There is far less contrast at night, making it harder to distinguish objects.  And remember, children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult when out on Halloween night.

Isabella wearing the Roxy  frame and using lighted necklace from Michael's.


However, you and your family plan on spending Halloween, make sure to keep your GlamBaby’s safe while having fun!



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