Light eyes and your child

Light eyes and your child

Light eyes and your child

Written by real- life customer, Kelly Liggio @alessamorrigan

We knew from day one when our daughter Alessa was born she was going to have light eyes. My husband and I both have what I describe as “pond water” eyes, a muddy mix of browns and greens and weird orangey golds, however both of our mothers have blue eyes. By the time Alessa was 6 months she had the same light blue, almost gray eyes as my mom. We heard all the usual compliments of course from strangers complimenting the ethereal pixie look her big blue eyes gave her, but behind closed doors we had begun to struggle with an unexpected side effect. 

Around 6 months of age, Alessa began to hate the outdoors. She would cry, squeeze her eyes shut, tear up and just generally become miserable, even in tinted cars or covered strollers (which living here in central Texas is no fun anyway in summertime!) Eventually we found one thing that worked, some hideous and uncomfortable super dark goggles we found on amazon. She would keep these on long enough for a short swing at the park before ripping them off, but at least it was -something-. 

Alessa in her amazon sunglasses

As parents with plenty of melanin in our eyes, we really didn’t understand. Her sight was perfect! I finally brought it up to my mom one day and she reminded me how her eyes tear up every time she steps outside. I assumed it was just allergies, but nope, it’s sun sensitivity. I finally did the research and realized light eyes are much more sensitive to the sun, and I couldn’t believe I’d never even thought about that! 

This began the search for halfway decent sunnies for my toddler. If you’ve ever searched for these, you know they amount to “cute, breakable, and not very good at eye protection”. Even while going through all these sub-par shades, we still had a standing rule for YEARS of not playing outside midday, she just couldn’t handle it. 

Alessa wearing her "toy" and unprotected sunglasses


I saw an ad on Instagram for Glambaby sunnies and as soon as I saw they were made not only by an eye doctor but also a mom with a child around Alessas age, I bought our first set of Bella’s about 5 minutes later. Also the style we got, the Bellas, are named afterr the creator’s daughter, how sweet is that?! 
Now Alessa is not only comfortable outside, but comfortable outside, in central Texas, midday, 102 degrees outside! So far we have owned her Bella’s for several months and they don’t even have a scratch! 
I’m totally blown away, and so thankful that someone like Dr. Arian Fartash saw this huge gap in the market and made eye safety a priority for everyone, not just adults. 

I have to add that Alessa, now almost 4, is so much more outgoing in her Glambaby sunnies. She doesn’t need to squint all day, her head doesn’t hurt anymore, and she can happily play whatever game her friends are playing without worrying about pain, tearing eyes, or feeling left out ❤️


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