GlamBaby Valentine's Day Basket

GlamBaby Valentine's Day Basket

GlamBaby Valentine's Day Basket

Growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t just about Mom and Dad going out for the night, it was a celebration of love for the whole family.  To continue that tradition for my own little family, we decorate the house, buy cards for the whole family, and create small little love baskets for all those we care about.
The great thing about creating a Valentine’s Basket is that it doesn’t have to be over-the-top.  Using small items that can be used all year long for the GlamBaby in your life is ideal so nothing goes to waste.  I created this basket below from items from the 99 cent store, target, Amazon, and of course GlamBaby.  Here are a few suggestions to make a Valentine’s Day basket that will be loved for months to come:

Cozy, cute pajamas are always in style.  I chose to go with a heart theme that is appropriate for Valentine’s Day and more.  I always go a size up on my daughter’s, Isabella, pajamas so she can wear them for a few months.  The ones I used in this basket are from Burt’s Bees, I purchased from Amazon.

Adding a pair of sunglasses or blue light glasses in their Valentine’s basket not only gives your child a practical gift that they can use for seasons to come, but will also light them up when they see a fashion forward accessory that they actually want to wear.  I included the limited edition Priscilla frame in red, however, you can visit the Valentine’s shop here.


Every year I add a new book to her Valentine’s collection.  We read the books in the month of February to get Valentine’s Day ready.  Over the years, I have displayed the books on her shelves to keep her room looking festive as well.  In each book, I also date the year so we can look back together at the past years’ favorites. The book I picked this year, The Invisible String, is a sweet one, I highly suggest it.


Some holiday socks and hair bows I placed in her basket were purchased at the 99 cent store.  She can wear them on Valentine’s Day and beyond.  Kids go thru socks like crazy, so adding a pair or two will get a lot of use.

I purchased this basket from Target and will be using it to hold toys once Valentine’s Day is over.  I am all about multi- purpose use.  Holiday themed gifts are fun and thoughtful, but should be able to be used multiple times not to create waste and be discarded.

I hope you all have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love.

Dr. Fartash

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