3 reasons your child needs swim 💦  goggles

3 reasons your child needs swim 💦 goggles

3 reasons your child needs swim 💦 goggles

It’s very crucial that we strive to take care of our eyes from an early age and that includes during water activities. Goggles help swimmers see clearly underwater, minimize glare, increase comfort and protect the eyes from water and any chemicals. See below for the top 3 reasons your child needs swim goggles:


Pools have large amount of chlorine to keep the water clean. It can harm the eyes and cause redness, stinging, and itchiness. In addition, goggles can also protect from bacteria and algae found in fresh bodies that can cause infections and blurry vision. During the summer months, many children come to my clinic with these uncomfortable symptoms and need to be treated, all of which can be prevented by wearing proper fitting swim goggles.


Up to 40% of UV rays can penetrate through shallow waters. And If the eyes aren’t protected they can get red and sun burned, causing your child a lot pain. Swim goggles with UV protection act as a barrier to block out the UV light even underwater. Be sure to read the labels, not all goggles have UV protection.


Wearing goggles makes it a lot more comfortable to open the eyes while swimming underwater. When able to feel comfortable, your child will feel safer and more motivated to stay in the water longer, especially if they’re just learning how to swim.  My daughter, who is a new swimmer, took a swim lesson without her goggles (Mom forgot them!) and she was miserable.  She complained that it was hard to see with her eyes closed underwater and that her eyes were burning.  Now, we pack a few pairs in her swim bag so we don’t forget and she feels more confident while in the water.

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Dr. Arian Fartash