Welcome GlamBaby Eye Care!

Welcome GlamBaby Eye Care!

Welcome GlamBaby Eye Care!

There has been a long-standing market void in eye care products designed for children…until now. Meet GlamBaby Eye Care—my labor of love as an optometrist and mother. These products fill the void with effectiveness, ease of use, and the assurance that you can now support your children’s vision and health far into their futures.

Eye Boogies Cleansing Spray


Why did I create it?
When your child wakes up with gooey, crusty eyes, like my own kids do sometimes, it can be difficult to cleanse them and keep them clean. My own children, ages 4 and 1 month, suffer from eye problems and I needed to find a safe solution to help them. For decades, doctors have suggested using baby shampoo or face wipes to help keep kids’ eyes clean.  But, not only do these options contain chemicals that can be harmful to the eyes, they are not easy to use with squirmy, wiggly and energetic children.
With no other solution available, I decided to create one. The result is Eye Boogies Cleansing Spray; a non-toxic, sting-free cleansing spray that has proven to be the best solution for keeping our kids’ eyes clean and healthy. Eye Boogies Cleansing Spray can be used multiple times a day during waking hours, or, for fussy kids, while they sleep. And, even better, there is no need to rub off, it’s great for on-the-go and it works within minutes.
We use our Eye Boogies spray daily and have noticed a significant decrease in eye problems caused by eyelid hygiene. And when my 4-year-old is in a fussy mood, I apply it while she’s asleep.
What problems can Eye Boogies Cleansing Spray address?
Daily use of GlamBaby Eye Boogies cleansing spray is tested and clinically proven to be an effective eyelid and lash solution available without a prescription. It kills a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses and can successfully help relieve certain eye conditions including:
·      Conjunctivitis
·      Pink eye
·      Blepharitis
·      Dry Eyes
·      Inflammation
·      Meibomian dysfunction
·      Styes
·      Eye lid irritation
How to use:


Unbearable Bump Kit


Why did I create it?
This stye kit for kids relieves the uncomfortable and aesthetically-altering symptoms a stye causes. Help your little one find relief with this child appropriate answer—the Unbearable Bump kit. This child-sized, soft and washable gel heat eye mask is paired with our non-toxic eyelid cleansing spray. Safe enough to use multiple times a day. 
What problems can the Unbearable Bump Kit relieve?
Not only can the Unbearable Bump Kit be used to treat existing and recurring eye styes in kids, but it is also can effectively relieve dry eyes and Meibomian gland dysfunction.  It works by keeping the eyes clean while heating the eyelid glands that secrete an oil to keep tears from evaporating too quickly. 
How to use:

Tear Duct Massager

Why did I create it?
Clogged or blocked tear ducts are a common irritant in babies’ and young children’s eyes. The Tear Duct Massager is to be used when your child’s doctor suggests digital massage as a treatment.  This first-of-its-kind kid-safe tool allows the massage to work more directly on the tear gland. For fussy kids, I suggest using the Tear Duct Massager while they are sleeping. And for a cleaner approach, especially if there is debris or eye goo present, apply 1 pump of the Eye Boogies Spray onto the Tear Duct massager to help fight bacteria and viruses. 
How to use:

*As always with any products, please consult your child’s pediatrician before use.

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