What's in a Back-to-school backpack??

Is it just me or is school starting earlier and earlier these days?? Today, my daughter started Pre-Kindergarten and I may have shed a few tears as she walked into her classroom like a big girl. The night before we had a fun time getting her backpack all ready for the start of school.

As our children grow they are becoming more and more exposed to technology during school hours. Tablets and computers are being introduced as young as 4-5 years old in the classroom. So what does this mean for their eyes?

Our eyes CAN NOT naturally filter the high intensity blue light that is emitted from electronic devices and when the eyes are over exposed they can become damaged. High exposure to blue light can lead to red, dry eyes, headaches, sleep deprivation, and linked to retinal problems.

There's no getting around the future of technology, but there is a way to help keep our children's eyes safe and healthy while using it. GlamBaby blue-light protect glasses block the harmful blue-light from devices from reaching their precious eyes, thus protecting them from over-exposure. All of GlamBaby blue-light glasses are made with scratch resistance and shatter resistant, polycarbonate lenses. Not only that, they are fashionable and light weight for comfort.

This school year, don't forget to pack a pair of blue-light protect glasses in your child's backpack for tech time. It should be incorporated into our children's classroom routines so they can keep their eyes healthy and safe for years to come.


xoxo, Dr. Fartash

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