Back to School with GlamBaby™

Back to School time is such an exciting and busy time of the year. We all want our little ones to go to school prepared and ready to tackle the new school year. The back- to- school checklist includes new study supplies, backpacks, clothes, and we can’t forget 100% UV protected sunglasses.

When thinking back- to- school, we often forget about protection while on the playground. But, wearing 100% UV protected sunglasses as soon as you walk outside is just as important as applying sunscreen – even on those cloudy days!

Ultra Violet rays from the sun are the strongest between 10am – 4pm, which is the same time our little ones are at school playing on the playground. It’s important to pack their GlamBabyTM sunglasses in their school bags to protect their eyes while they are outdoors during those times. It helps keep eye growths away, as well as early macular degeneration and cataracts.

Another fact to keep in mind is different surfaces reflect UV rays, which creates the overall UV levels one experiences more powerful! While at school, playing in the sand reflects about 15% of UV light, while running around on the concrete can reflect 8% - 12%! That’s why it is so important to send your child to school with 100% UV protected sunglasses - GlamBaby™!!

Additionally, many children can be very sensitive to light resulting in squinting, aching, and watery eyes. Uncomfortable eyes can lead to uncomfortable vision when back in the classroom, which isn’t the best given 80% of learning is visual. Wearing protected sunglasses can help relieve the sensitivity and less distraction while at school.

GlamBabyTM Sunglasses are the accessory that kids will want and need to make school time more enjoyable and safe. The best part is, style is never sacrificed. So when picking out those back- to- school outfits pair them with one of our trend setting styles.

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