Stye and Children's eyes

Stye and Children's eyes

Stye and Children's eyes

It was four days before my daughter’s first dance recital, and she was so excited to get all glammed up for the occasion. Unfortunately, her upper eyelid was starting to become red and swollen. Having seen it a thousand times on my own patients, I knew what was coming—a big ol’ stye. I hurried to start a stye protocol with warm compresses and cleansing, but I immediately ran into a road block. The products that were available on the market burned her eyes, and she wouldn’t let me wash them. Then, when it came time to use a warm compress, I had a hard time keeping my adult-sized heated eye mask on her face. The adult mask slipped off frequently as it was too large. Given the difficulty I had treating my daughter’s stye, I knew other parents and kids must be running into the same problem. And that’s exactly why I created the Unbearable Bump Kit.


What is a stye?

(my daughter, Isabella, at her dance recital with visible , swollen stye)

A stye is caused by bacteria and build-up clogging the root of lash follicles, kind of like a pimple. It happens often in children because of frequent eye rubbing while the face and/or hands are dirty. Sties can occur externally in the lash follicles or internally, and symptoms can include a red bump or pus-filled pimple, swelling of the eyelid and itchiness; however, vision is not affected. Typically, only one forms at a time, but occasionally, multiples will develop. Recurrent sties may become a problem for some children.


At-home remedy:

The best way to prevent sties in children is by keeping the eye area clean with good personal hygiene and lots of hand washing, especially after play and school. Most times, a stye can be treated at home with the Unbearable Bump Kit. Using the adjustable, heated eye mask as directed will cause the germs inside the stye to come to a head in just a few days. It will then drain over a few more days as it heals. Additionally, keeping the eyes clean and disinfected with the eyelid cleansing spray will further facilitate the healing time.


Once in a while, the at-home remedy will not work, and your child will need to see their eye care professional for an exam and other treatment options, such as antibiotics or drainage.


Directions for using the Unbearable Bump Kit:

Suggested Eye Cleansing spray use: Spray 1 pump onto closed eyes. No need to wash off after use, solution will air dry.

Suggested Eye Mask use:
1. Place clean eye mask flat on a microwave safe dish.
2. Set microwave power to high and heat for no more than 20 seconds.
Before applying: Always touch the eye mask with fingers to test for desired temperature. If eye mask is too hot, allow it to cool down for 2 minutes and heat test again.
3. Place eye mask over closed eyes and secure adjustable straps to fit child's head.
4. Wear for 3-5 minutes or as directed by Doctor.
5. Gel insert can be removed to wash eye mask.

Watch the tutorial here.

*Always consult your child’s eyecare provider before use.

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