Blocked tear ducts, what are they and how to relieve them.

A blocked tear duct is a very common problem in babies and young children. About one in twenty babies are born with this in either one or both ducts. This type of blockage usually occurs when the membrane inside the tear duct is slow to open after a baby is born. Although the blockage is usually present from birth, it might not be obvious until your baby is around one month old. 

If your baby or child does have a blocked tear duct, their eyes will constantly water. Sometimes, a sticky discharge will appear as well. For mild cases of tear duct blockages, an at-home treatment can be done using the Tear Duct Massager. In rare events, the tissue around the tear duct can get infected and cause a red or dark lump near the inner corner of the eyes—medical attention should be sought immediately if this happens. Also, there are times when the blockage does not resolve, and so surgery is then indicated. This procedure involves the insertion of a fine probe into the duct to open the blockage.

The Tear Duct Massager is a one-of-a kind, safe tool that I developed to help open and empty clogged ducts. The parent should fit it comfortably in between the their child’s nose and inner eye, and then gently move it in a rocking motion (do not press) to massage the area. If discharge is present, it is important to clean the eye area and eyelids with the Eye Boogies spray to keep infections from occurring. The spray can be used directly onto closed eyelids or can be sprayed on the massager prior to using on the child.



*always consult your child’s pediatrician before use.

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