Tear Duct Massager™


Help open up those tear 💧 ducts the right way

Clogged or blocked tear ducts are a common irritant in babies’ and young children’s eyes. Tear Duct Massager™ is to be used when your child's doctor suggests digital massage as a treatment. This first-of-its-kind safe tool allows the massage to work more directly on the tear gland. It’s soft, gentle, soothing, and thoughtfully created by Mom and Optometrist.

Please discontinue use if irritation occurs, and always consult your pediatrician before use.

GlamBaby Mom Hacks:

  1. For fussy kids, use the Tear Duct Massager™ while they are sleeping.
  2. For a cleaner approach, apply 1 pump of Eye Boogie Spray™ onto the Tear Duct Massager™ to help fight bacteria and viruses.

Full Ingredients: Water (Electrolyzed), Hypochlorous Acid (0.012%), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphates.