Summer Swimming Essentials for Kids: Eye and Skin Protection Tips for Moms

As a mom optometrist, I understand the importance of protecting my child's eyes and skin while enjoying outdoor activities, especially during summer.

One of our favorite activities is swimming, and I always make sure to pack my GlamBaby, waterproof swim tote bag filled with essentials such as kids sunscreen, eye boogies spray, swim goggles, sunglasses, towel, and swim toys.


When it comes to skin protection, I always choose kids sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Applying sunscreen generously before going outside and reapplying every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating is crucial to prevent sunburn and skin damage. GlamBaby eye boogies spray is another essential item in our swim tote bag. It helps clean the delicate skin around my child's eyes and eyelids.


Eye protection is equally important, and that's why I pack swim goggles to protect my child's eyes from harmful chemicals in the pool and prevent eye irritation and infections.

Sunglasses are also a must-have to safeguard my child's eyes from harmful UV rays when we are outside of the pool.


Lastly, I always pack a towel and swim toys to keep my child entertained.

Towels are essential to dry off after swimming, and swim toys provide a fun opportunity for my child to improve their swimming skills.


In conclusion, a well-stocked swim tote bag with skin and eye protection essentials, towel, and swim toys is crucial for a fun and safe swimming experience.

Don't forget to take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and enjoy the sun safely!

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