How our Unbearable Bump Kit can help with dry eyes

How our Unbearable Bump Kit can help with dry eyes

How our Unbearable Bump Kit can help with dry eyes

Many of us adults experience dry eyes, but did you know our children can have it too?  In order to understand if your child has dry eyes, it is important to pay close attention to your child’s complaints and symptoms. 

What is dry eyes?

Our tears create a protective film on the front surface of our eyes keeping them moisturized, comfortable, and balanced.  When an individual does not produce enough tears, good quality tears, or their tears evaporate too quickly, it causes the eyes to become dry.

What causes dry eyes in children?

These days more and more time is spent in front of digital screens. Unfortunately, frequent usage of electronic devices, like laptops, tablets, and game consoles, and cell phones can increase the risk of dry eyes because our blink rate significantly decreases. When the blink rate decreases while staring at a screen, the tears are not refreshing the eyes as much as they should, leading to dry eyes.

Other factors that can lead to dry eyes are allergies, inflammatory conditions, poor nutrition, and juvenile diabetes.  In these cases the dry eyes can be more chronic in children.


What are symptoms of dry eyes in children?

The sooner these symptoms are recognized, the sooner you will be able to help your child get relief.  Below are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

1. Frequent blinking

2.  Constant eye rubbing

4. Onset of light sensitivity

5. Stinging or burning sensation in the eyes

6. Moments of blurred vision

7.  Redness of the eyes or around the eyes.

8. Difficulty in reading, working on the computer, or any activity that requires visual attention

9. Sandy or gritty feeling inside the eyes, or as if there is something inside

Gold - standard dry eye treatment for your child:

When it comes to treating dry eyes, it depends on the cause.  However, the most effective at home treatment for most causes of dry eyes is the Unbearable Bump kit.  The GlamBaby cleansing spray keeps the tear and oil glands clean, allowing for optimal tear function.  The GlamBaby eye mask is to be used heated in order to melt the oil in the oil glands to keep the tears from evaporating from the eyes surface.  This combination done daily will help your child’s symptoms, making them feel more comfortable.


As always, consult your eye care professional or pediatrician with any eye health concerns and before using any products.


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